Welcome to the OTS Plant Database

This database was created through a grant from the National Science Foundation (DBI-CSBR 12-01121) with the goal of digitally uniting the collections of all three OTS field station herbaria in Costa Rica, and making them accessible to the general public. The database houses high resolution digital scans of more than 15,000 herbarium specimens that represent almost 4,000 species - this accounts for more than a third of the flora of the country. The database is also a repository for thousands of live images of plants and closeups of identifying characters under a separate tab, and an additional tab for high-resolution images of the seed collections from La Selva and Las Cruces. You are welcome to use the resources provided as long as they are not for commercial purposes. Please acknowledge the website in journal articles if you have used it extensively to develop your research.


Herbarios Las Cruces y Palo Verde - Las Cruces y Palo Verde Herbarium